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    Social South is about, well, all things social media in the South.  Whether your company is actively engaged with customers through these tools or looking to find the right fit, Social South will answer your questions.  Topics are focused through four main tracks:

    Track 1 – Social Media Tools – You’ve probably heard that you have to be on Facebook or Twitter, but has anyone told you why?  This track explores not only the why, but the rest of the tools out there.
    Track 2 – Social Media Communications –  Talking to your clients though social media using traditional media language won’t work.  Track 2 explores why and how to change your message.
    Track 3 – Social Media Strategy –  Learning the tools of the trade and the new language is just the first step, without a strategy neither have much of an effect.  Track 3 explores how to tie the two together into something effective.
    Track 4 – Social Media Case Studies – Are you a business in the Southeast that is seeing results from social media?  We want to hear your story – apply here to present it at Social South

    Friday August 21st, 2009

    7:30      Registration (Main Room)
    8:15      Welcome and Introduction (Main Room) and Late Registration (Main Hall)

    8:30    Opening Address: Andrew Keen

    9:00      Presentation by Beth Harte

    Social Media Planning & Measurement: Proving (or not) the Value of Social Media
    Are you demanding the ROI or proof of social media working before even having a plan? Without a plan, you’ll constantly struggle to prove the value of social media. What we’ll cover:

    • Why a measurable social media plan is important
    • How to write a measurable plan
    • What to measure when it comes to social media
    • Where tools can help & where they can’t
    • Who needs to be involved & what management expects

    9:00      Presentation by Dana Lewis

    How to Build (or Break) Online Communities: Engaging Global Micro-Communities
    You’re part of numerous communities and have probably built your own without even trying. But how do you channel your efforts to build specific communities? We’ll cover:

    • How it takes a combination of tactics & strategies to build a community
    • What it takes to manage or take over and strengthen an existing community
    • Taking the next step – moving forward with a community

    9:00      Case Study by Jennifer West, McWane Science Center; Jason Hill, Provenance Digital Media

    10:00    Presentation by Mack Collier

    What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media!
    This session will be heavy on case studies and plenty of ‘lessons learned’, with examples of companies that are utilizing social media as a way to connect with their customers and even reach them as fans.

    • How rockstars build community and embrace their fans, and how you can apply these same techniques to your social media and community-building efforts
    • How rockstars go beyond simply ‘losing’ control of their branding/content and actively seek out ways to transfer ownership to their fans
    • Why rockstars don’t have ‘customers’, they have fans. Hint: They are fans themselves.

    10:00    Presentation by Jason Falls

    Forget Everything You Learned In College: The Marketing of Un-Marketing
    Social Media Explorer Jason Falls will take you down the philosophical path that leads to success in social media – a path that includes changing everything about your approach, from terminology to measures of success. By taking off your marketing hat and communicating with your customers with honesty, transparency and humility, you put your  brand in position to build a community of brand enthusiasts to market  for you.

    10:00    Case Study by James Spann, Chief Meteorologist,  ABC 33/40

    Social Media And Severe Weather – A Good Mix
    The truth weather people don’t want you to know is that radar doesn’t show tornadoes… the beam is always well off the ground, and we must have ground truth to improve the warning process. While we have a dedicated team of Skywatchers, the addition of via social media relayed severe weather reports have changed the landscape. And, it just begins there… social media is now a crucial part of our weather operation just about every day.

    11:00    Presentation by Toby Bloomberg

    Social Media … Southern Hospitality Style

    Take a sip of your ice tea – sweetened of course! – and join me and your friends for a “front porch visit” where we’ll chat about using the lessons from the culture of Southern Hospitality as a foundation for social media strategies. In the true sense of front porch visits this is intended to be an interactive session where y’all can share your experiences and learn from each other.

    • Front porch swing conversations develop community. When you visit on the front porch you extend your world from inside your house to outside into your neighborhood. There is an unspoken invitation for friends and neighbors to not only drop by but to join the conversations. Manners may rule but there are still disagreements. How do you bring that type of interaction and relationship to the digital world?
    • Fried green tomatoes or Bubba’s jokes may not appeal to everyone. Each of us has a unique personality and our own approach to social media. Different styles appeal to various audiences. “What might turn me off from one person’s approach just might draw others in.” – Christy Jordan. How do you take your authentic style from offline to online while maintaining the culture of your organization?
    • Southern Hospitality is based on a common set of values learned at “home.” Corporate values/culture impact the way relationships are formed within the workplace and may also influence those in the digital world. How would you describe your organization’s culture and values? How do they impact developing and implementing a social media initiative?
    • When you invite people to join your front porch conversations they bring new ideas that may unexpectedly influence your thinking and/or the people around you. Opening the enterprise door to social media impacts the enterprise from the way communication is handle to customer service to hiring decisions. How do you prepare an organization for the bigger picture of social media?

    11:00    Presentation by Jeff Vreeland, VM Technologies, LLC

    New Media Tools for Non-Profit Success
    Jeff will explore the New Media tools that can be used to create, control, and expand your Non-Profit’s organization or campaign.
    A few highlights of his presentation will be looking at how to use social media to create buzz about your Non-Profit, tools to help raise money online,
    membership identification made simple and many more other great tools.

    11:00    Presentation by Scott Schablow

    OK, I’m on Twitter, Now What Should I Do?

    Everyone tells you that you need to be on Twitter so you signed up (or are thinking about it), now what do you and how do you do it? Can this tool really benefit my business? Join Scott as he explains now what to Twitter is, but how you should be using it for your particular industry. He will discuss Tweeting for healthcare, retail, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and more. Come and learn the thought process that helps create winning Twitter strategies.

    11:00    Case study presented by Jarod Morgan, Andrew Jackson University

    Finding the Right Mix of Social Media and Traditional Marketing

    12:00    Lunch and Keynote with Richard Binhammer & Lionel Menchaca, Dell

    Social Media Conversations: These sessions will feature 2-3 speakers leading and moderating a room-wide discussion about relevant social media topics.  Audience participation with the speakers, and each other, is encouraged.  No slides will be presented, the focus will be on what we as a group can learn from each other.  So bring your questions and comments for our speakers, and each other!

    1:45     Social Media Conversation: Creating a Social Media Strategy – Richard Binhammer,  Jason Falls

    So social media is hot for business right now.  Great, but how do you make these tools work together to form a cohesive strategy?  And how do you make your social media strategy play nicely with your larger business and communication goals?  Richard and Jason have worked to craft some of the most successful social media strategies on the internet, and they’ll be facilitating this discussion on how YOUR business can create an effective social media strategy.  Bring your questions and notes for them, and for each other!

    1:45      Social Media Conversation: SEO for Social Media – Will Scott, Stacey Hood

    Have you optimized your website for search?  Great, but what about your blog?  Or message board?  In this session, Will and Stacey will address your issues and concerns when it comes to improving the SEO of your social media efforts.  Which blogging platform works best for SEO?  How important are the right keywords, or is it simply about creating valuable content, and the SEO will take care of itself?  These are some possible topics, but bring YOUR questions about SEO and social media to this session!

    1:45      Social Media Conversation: Do Friends and Followers Matter? – Jeff Vreeland, Mitch Canter, Andre Natta

    How important are friends and followers and visitors when it comes to your social media efforts?  Is it all about getting thousands of followers, or are their other ways to judge the effectiveness of your social media efforts?  Andre, Jeff and Mitch will lead you in a group discussion of how your business can measure how successful your social media efforts are.  Is it all about numbers?  Are more friends and followers always best?  Bring your thoughts for Andre, Jeff and Mitch, and each other, to this session!

    1:45      Social Media Conversation: Is Twitter Right for Your Business? Paul Chaney, Marc Meyer, Phyllis Neil, Paul Chaney

    Twitter is THE hot tool in the social media space right now, and it seems many businesses are beginning to see real business gains from using the microblogging site.  But is Twitter right for YOUR business?  Are some businesses more suited for using Twitter than others?  In what ways CAN a business use Twitter?  Marc, Paul and Phyllis will lead attendees in a group discussion about Twitter for businesses, what’s hype, and what works.  So bring your questions for them, and each other!

    3:00     Social Media Conversation:  Building Your Business Via Blogging – Lionel Menchaca, Mack Collier

    Lionel and Mack will lead a discussion about how businesses can benefit from blogging.  We’ll look at how to get started, and also how to determine what a successful business blog looks like.  This session will be driven by YOUR input, so bring your questions for us, and for each other.  Possible discussion topics include building engagement on your blog, growing your blog’s readership, and tying your blog’s efforts back to your larger business goals.

    3:00    Social Media Conversation:  The New PR = People Relations – Beth Harte, Kellye Crane

    Join us for a group discussion about how the public relations profession we know and rely on today is changing to a “people” centric profession. Along with the below topic areas, we’ll also cover shareholder versus stakeholder relations and blogger relations.

    • Have PR requirements changed?
    • How does an organization approach “participating in the conversation”?
    • Are there any PR advantages to new media channels (vs. traditional media)?
    • Can you incorporate social media into your existing PR activities, or is this a new discipline?

    3:00     Social Media Conversation:  Going Offline With What You Learn Online – Trey Pennington, Toby Bloomberg

    With all the buzz that social media is getting lately, it’s easy to overlook that what works online, can often be just as effective offline!  In this session, Toby and Trey will lead a group-discussion in how you can translate what’s working for you online, to improving your offline marketing and promotional efforts.  Or if you’d like to learn more about how you can leverage online connections to improve your offline networking, bring those questions to this session!

    3:00    Going Beyond Blogs and Twitter – Marianna Hayes, Dave Barger

    Blogs have always been a popular topic of social media discussion, and now Twitter is being lauded as a place where businesses should invest time as well.  But should your business be considering other sites and tools?  What about Facebook or message boards, or Ning?  How does your business cut through the hype, and decide which tools will help you reach YOUR unique business goals?  Marianna and Dave will lead you in a discussion about the potential of other social media tools besides just blogs and Twitter, as well as how to find the right tools for your business.  Bring your questions for them, and each other!

    4:00     Open Q&A with speakers – audience members ask up to 3 questions

    5:30     Off site social mixer – Location TBD

    Saturday August 22nd, 2009

    7:30      Breakfast Roundtable Discussions (Main Room)

    8:30      Presentation by Tom Martin

    Using Twitter to Change Consumer Brand Perception

    If you thought Twitter was only for conversation and engagement, think again. In February, Tom Martin, armed with nothing more than an iPhone, Twitter and TwitPic spent five days live tweeting Mardi Gras 2009. Why? To explore the possibilities of using Twitter and ‘embedded journalism’ to change the consumer perception of Mardi Gras from “crazy” to “family friendly.” In this session, he’ll share:

      • The behind the scenes of how he created and launched his Twitter campaign
      • Key lessons that you can apply to Twitter campaigns of your own
      • The complete case study with all statistics and charts

    8:30      Presentation by David Griner

    Keeping social sexy: Marketing that cuts through the clutter

    There was a time when just having a marketing presence on Facebook or Twitter was considered edgy, but those days are long past. With social media mainstreaming faster than you can approve your pastor’s friend request, how are marketers staying one step ahead? We’ll walk through some cool new work and sharp ideas from around the globe with David Griner, a contributing editor for Adweek’s blog, AdFreak.com, and social media strategist for Birmingham-based Luckie & Company.

    8:30      Presentation by Christina Kerley

    Slaying the Web 2.0 “Fear Demons”: Getting Past The Fear And Into Growing Your Business.
    So many companies could be benefiting from using social media, yet they stay on the sidelines due to fear of the unknown, fear of “bad buzz” or fear of talking with a (gulp!) global audience. But you needn’t be scared of these new tools, new lingo and new world… all you need is to be shown how to handle any situation so that you launch strong, build relationships and grow revenues. In this session, you will learn how to:

    • Turn customer gripes into customer advocates
    • Communicate with audiences in order to grow trust, relationships and recommendations
    • Prepare for real-time crisis management-and implement tactics to decrease risk
    • Create content programs that win over audiences

    8:30 Presentation by Phyllis Neill

    Article Marketing Secrets: Boosting Your Brand While Standing Out From The Crowd!
    Phyllis will demonstrate how getting your articles published can be an effective way to establish yourself as an expert. She will show you how to get started, what to write and how to develop strategies for implementation.

    9:30      Presentation by Paul Chaney

    The Digital Handshake: Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Using Social Media
    Even today’s most successful businesses are seeing shrinking returns on their advertising and marketing dollars. The Digital Handshake explains why advertising and marketing are losing their effectiveness and how to solve the problem using social media to corral elusive consumers. It explains the best practical business applications in current use and how you can use them to ramp up your business.

    Using case studies gleaned from real businesses, author Paul Chaney shows you how companies both large and small can tap social media to mitigate market changes and reap valuable business benefit in the real world.

    Participants will learn:

    • Why social media marketing is the wave of the future
    • How to use social media to increase word-of-mouth and new client referrals
    • How online conversations can lead to the building of long-term, trusted client relationships
    • Seven of the most commonly used social media tools for engaging customers
    • Simple three-step plan for social media engagement
      (Presentation is based on Paul’s soon to be published book by the same title.)

    9:30      Presentation by Robert French – Public Relations & Social Media

    9:30      Presentation by Ike Pigott

    Navigating the Maze and Defeating the Ghosts of Old Corporate Culture: How Pac-Man Can Sell Social Media

    (WARNING: This is NOT another Social Media presentation. Rather, it is a useful allegory explaining how to successfully shepherd radical change within an organization)

    You were on MySpace when it was cool, ditched it when it wasn’t and convinced all your friends to be on Facebook.You have a Twitter Tribe that few can match, and are the Master of Your Social Media Domain. The important news from the Valley, Boston and Austin streams to you and you are rarely surprised. You know how to spin an RSS feed into a widget, and weave that widget into gold.

    So why can’t you get your company to implement these great ideas?

    Veteran communicator Ike Pigott has struggled with these same issues, having worked within extremely conservative corporate cultures. He recognized that the skill sets for mastering social media, explaining the benefits, and communicating change were rarely housed within one place. His allegory about Pac-Man will give you a fresh perspective on the psychology of selling change to the people who must buy in before you can proceed.

    9:30      Presentation by John Garrett Social Media for Churches

    10:30    15 minute lightning rounds led by speakers

    11:45     Lunch

    1:30       Round Table Discussions

      1. Selling Your Boss on Social Media – Ike Pigott, CK
      2. Putting Together Your Social Media Team – Scott Schablow, David Griner, Tom Martin
      3. Going Beyond B2C and B2B: How Your Organization Can Use Social Media –Robert French, Dana Lewis

    2:45       Strategy and brainstorming session by speakers with Ducks Unlimited

    4:30       Closing comments and presentations

    7:00 -??      After Party – WorkPlay 500 23rd Street South