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Is Social South Returning 2012? You Decide! » Social South™
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  • Is Social South Returning 2012? You Decide!

    By admin on November 1st, 2011

    Hardly a day passes by without the mention of Social South™. Whether it’s in reference to the first (and only) Social South social media conference held, or it’s to ask if there will ever be another one, Social South is still talked about on a regular basis.  It was a very special event and for many of the attendees and speakers it is the bar by which they now measure all conferences.  Other conferences may be larger or have more star power for the keynote address but they don’t come close to forming such a connection with those who are participating.

    I think that one of the key factors for its success is ‘participation.’ There was more interaction, engagement, participation between audience and speakers, panels, even roundtables than we’ve seen anywhere (many thanks to Mack Collier for these special ideas and for developing the speaker lineup). The chance to share knowledge, experience and a little bit of ourselves with others became an emotional learning experience. In fact, many reference it as the Social South Experience. When spoken using the affectionate nickname, SoSo, its a bit ironic – the SoSo Experience. But its that irony, served with a dash of humility that made it work.

    There were no divas, no over inflated egos, no sense of rivalry, no bitter competitions to be found. Instead it was a generous helping of, well…helping (each other).  There was an incredible sense of respect and giving all around. When you stop to think about it, its not that surprising. We created Social South for that reason: to showcase the incredible talent, experience and gracious demeanor of the Southern business culture. Someone once asked about replicating the format in another region and I said that I didn’t think it would work as well. After all, the South IS social. We may not have invented the social culture (I think we did) but we still DO social better than anyone.

    So that’s the background of the discussion of Social South. What do you think? Would you like to see Social South happen again in 2012? Would you like to help with SoSo 2012? If so, make your voice heard and leave a note in the comments.  Tell me as well if you’d like to help. If there are enough people interested then I’ll form an organizing committee to get things kicked off.

    And even though I’m posting this today. It may be a week or so before I call attention to it. I estimate the traffic to this site is understandably low now & I doubt there are any active RSS feeds left. However, once I get the site updated to the current versions of everything I will push it out & see what happens.  If you happen upon this on your own. Go for it! You could be the one who pulled the sword out of the stone and brought Social South back to life. Now that would be a SoSo accomplishment!

    -Scott Schablow, founder of Social South

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    4 Responses to “Is Social South Returning 2012? You Decide!”

    1. Scott,

      I would like to help in any way. I had a great time at the first SocialSouth and it is the standard that I hold other conferences to.

      Let me know how I can help or when we should chat to discuss. @billpowell on twitter.

    2. Hey Scott. Just found this post after searching google to see if there was any more information available about another Social South. I would definitely love to see it happen again. I got more value more cost-and-time-efficiently out of Social South than any other conference I’ve ever attended. It could be the fact that it was the first social media conference I ever attended, but I don’t think so. I think it was incredible content shared with an incredible group of people. I would do my damndest to get the $ approved to attend again and would help however I could…Sue

    3. By far, the best event on social media I ever attended! (Cleaning up my rss subscriptions brought me to your door today) I will help in any way.

    4. Thank you Kathy. I’m dusting off the site and seeing what needs retooling (everything). I think this needs to happen again so I’m going to create a punch list and lay out the next steps. I’ll be in touch asking for help. :-)

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