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  • Social South Thanks All Of Ya’ll

    By admin on August 24th, 2009

    Seriously. Thank you, speakers. Thank you, volunteers. Thank you, sponsors. A really big thank you to paid participants (Social South does NOT have attendees – you come, you participate). Thank you, Culinard (just remember we want coffee all day long). Thank you, Innovation Depot. I’ll do more detailed thank yous in another post. Every single person there (and even Waffles the Dog) made this a very special event that exceeded even our expectations. Instead of writing our own wrap up, we thought it would mean more to hear what others are saying. Please feel free to leave links to #SoSo reviews in the comments and we’ll keep adding others I find during the week. We are also preparing an index to the SlideShare presentations, videos, podcasts and more.

    Alison Groves, Raven Internet Marketing Tools:

    However anyone who could’ve seen the level of talent at the conference would quickly see that the area is full of bright folks who genuinely love what they do. It was a fantastic thing to be a part of, and I gained far more than I ever thought I would. More. . .

    Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer:

    Esra’a Al Shafei put it all in perspective Saturday. Speaking via Skype from her home in Bahrain, the founder and Executive Director of MideastYouth.com, showed the crowd gathered at Social South the true power of social media, the internet and the idea of freedom. Al Shafei was denied a visa by her country to attend the event, which was the least of her concerns. More. . .

    Mack Collier, The Viral Garden:

    But I think what happened over two days in Birmingham blew everyone away, from the attendees to the speakers, to the organizers. We had RichardatDell and LionelatDell together on stage for the first time ever, probably the most audience participation I’ve ever seen at a social media conference, and a woman from Bahrain move an entire conference to tears with her story of how she’s using social media to help others. More. . .

    Sue Spaight, Spaight Talk:

    Five Favorite Things About Social Marketing From Social South. More. . .

    Mitch Cantor, StudioNashvegas:

    My final takeaways, although not nearly as as profound, are still important to me.  They are:

    1. There’s some amazing talent out there, both from Birmingham and beyond.  I’ve emailed a lot of people from here who do a lot of things – a truly diverse group.
    2. Social media isn’t just about the technology.  Anything we do, whether online or offline, plays into our personality.  And having the offline is just as important as the online – there will never be a substitute for an in-face meeting or real interaction with real people.  Social Media enhances those relationships. More. . .

    David H., Richmond Editor

    Someone next to me said Andrew [Keen] was like the Simon Cowell of social media — it was a good comparison, especially since I appreciate Simon Cowell’s honesty. Andrew posed some excellent questions we all need to think about. . . More …

    David Hylton, Childfund International

    It would be easy to jump to the conclusion based on the headline that Mardi Gras and ChildFund International have nothing in common. That’s pretty much true, but taking the lessons learned from a Twitter experiment from Tom Martin, a 15-year veteran of the marketing industry, I hope we can let you know. . .  More. . .

    Slideshare presentations from Social South on one page.

    Social South Flickr Group is now up here.

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    4 Responses to “Social South Thanks All Of Ya’ll”

    1. Thanks again to everyone who presented, participated, but most of all, to all of those who organized. It was a fantastic event!

    2. I did`nt get to attend #soso this past weekend, but was well informed by reading post that people had posted. I enjoyed it even though I was`nt there. I recently had an encounter with @SherryinAl that has threw me off on my thinking of what Social South meant. She had Tweeted, I`m eating cold watermelon. I had just came in from cutting my grass and was kinda hot. I commented, rub it in, just cutting up w her, hoping to get to know people on Twitter a little better. Next thing I see is a post, she says something about someones Lame Claim to Fame and it makes me wonder, if thats an example of Social South, why would I wanna be a part of that. I need no claim to fame and just curious why she done that. She`s not any better than anyone else. Why did she do this?

    3. Thanks so much for posting the link to my blog. I hope to have one more post by the end of the week. This was a great conference and I can’t wait for next year (assuming I can come).

    4. [...] of the chatter on twitter and many blog posts about changing the world with social media, and other personal reviews of the experience. If you are still in the dark as to what is going on, then let me urge you to read and listen to as [...]

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