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10 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Send You to Social South » Social South™
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  • 10 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Send You to Social South

    By admin on August 4th, 2009

    One of the hottest topics in social media right now is determining what the ROI of social media efforts are.  Your boss is no different, before he or she signs off on sending you to Social South, they’ll want to know what they’ll gain from you being there.  Here are ten reasons you can use to sell your boss on sending you to Birmingham for the first-ever Social South!

    1 – Social South is focused on helping YOU learn how social media will benefit YOUR business.

    You’ll be taught how to use these tools by speakers that are true leaders in the social media space.  You’ll be shown how companies right now are using and benefiting from social media.  And finally, we’ll walk you through how YOUR business can use social media.  The goal of Social South is to send you home not with an understanding of social media, but an understanding of how social media can benefit your business.  We want you to give you the knowledge you need to hit the ground running on Monday morning to start putting social media to work for you!

    2 – A stellar speaking lineup of REAL social media experts.

    Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of people marketing themselves as ‘social media experts’ these days.  But the speakers lineup for Social South truly is in a class by itself.  Our speakers have spoken at every top social media conference in the nation, and have been active in this space for YEARS, not months.  We hand-picked each of our speakers based on not only their professional successes, but their standing in the social media community.  Not only will you be learning from experts, but the experts that will be shaping the direction of social media in the years to come!

    3 – Case studies, lots and lots of case studies.

    It’s great to show why social media works, but what you want to see is how companies RIGHT NOW are putting these amazing tools into action to grow their businesses.  Our sessions will not only instruct you on the best way to utilize social media tools, we’ll also show you how companies are currently using these tools in the exact ways that we discuss.

    4 – An interactive environment.

    No one wants to attend an event where every session is a speaker behind a podium, who leaves immediately after their talk. When planning Social South, we placed a premium on creating an interactive conference where attendees are empowered to have a say.  We wanted our speakers and attendees to be involved as much as possible, because that will help foster learning.  If you’re expecting the same boring conference experience where every session is a speaker behind a podium, then you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with Social South.

    5 – Networking opportunities.

    On both days, we’ve created time for you to get to know your fellow attendees, as well as get personalized attention from our stellar lineup of speakers.  Whether it’s at our breakfast roundtables, keynote lunches, or our Social Mixer, you’ll have plenty of chances to meet everyone and pick their brains about how YOUR business should be using social media.

    6 – Your business has a say.

    Would you like the chance to present your own social media case study?  We have a track just for you.  Would you like the chance to grill our experts on how THEY would create a social media strategy for you?  We’ve created a session just for that on Friday.  Our goal is to give attendees every chance to interact with each other and our speakers before, DURING and after each session.

    7 – Interactive social media conversations.

    Each day, we’ll have a couple of our speakers lead YOU in an interactive social media discussion.  These won’t be your standard session with a presentation, in fact there won’t be a presentation at all.  Our speakers will host a conversation around social media tools and strategies.  This is YOUR chance to ask any questions you have about social media from the speakers, as well as each other!  Each conversation will be a wonderful exchange between the speakers and attendees where we ALL will learn together!

    8 – Access to materials and offers that are exclusive to Social South attendees.

    Our speakers and sponsors have agreed to offer you exclusive access to not only materials to help you grow your business with social media, but discounts on their social media services, as well.  These materials and discounts will pay for the conference by itself!

    9 – You can gain new clients and new business.

    If you’re an agency or firm that wants to start offering social media services to your clients, Social South will help get you on track!  And in addition, our speaking lineup gives you an inroad to working with some of the social media firms and consultants in the country!  Landing just one client from what you learn at Social South will pay for the event several times over!

    10 – This conference is for YOU!

    We hand-picked the speakers and set the agenda with a Southern tone in mind.  We wanted to create The Deep South’s first social media conference, but we also wanted to showcase the South’s social media leaders, as well as shine the spotlight on Southern businesses that are succeeding with the help of social media.  We think we’ve done that, and quite frankly we think we’ve created one of the top social media events in the nation.  We hope y’all will stop by!


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    4 Responses to “10 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Send You to Social South”

    1. Such a smart post! I get asked about this all the time, ‘how do i justifty [x, y, z] to my boss’ when it comes to just about anything in social media – especially events. Giving folks a primer to bring to the table is awesome. Way to go!

      Jennifer Lindsay
      Social Media Strategist. Speaker. Educator. New Media Guru.
      me [at] jenniferlindsay.com
      Podcast: http://bit.ly/jlpodcast
      Facebook: http://bit.ly/eHTg

    2. My favorite reason is: Case studies, lots and lots of case studies.

      This is so important to show that others have gone before you in Social Media and it worked.

    3. [...] 10 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Send You to Social South. [...]

    4. Agree with jvreeland, talking about case studies,
      one of the best soical maketing campaigns I have seen is the Coca-Cola Facebook Page It’s cool, go check out, also a new film project I like very much ,named ”The YES Movie” produced by the Louis Lautman.

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